What Is Another Word For Risen?

What is the meaning of Risen?


restored from death; ascended into glorythe risen Christ..

What is the opposite word of rise?

Antonyms: downfall, fall, set, descend, go down, come down, go under. Synonyms: ascent, rising, emanation, acclivity, wage increase, hike, rising slope, lift, salary increase, ascending, ascension, boost, upgrade, climb, advance, procession, wage hike, raise, cost increase. lift, rise(noun)

Is Risen past tense?

Remember that any tense of the transitive verb raise must take a direct object. B. The past tense of to rise is rose, and the past participle of to rise is risen. To rise is an intransitive verb and does not have a direct object.

What does rising up mean?

rise up – take part in a rebellion; renounce a former allegiance. rebel, arise, rise. dissent, protest, resist – express opposition through action or words; “dissent to the laws of the country” revolt – make revolution; “The people revolted when bread prices tripled again” mutiny – engage in a mutiny against an …

What does the word resurrection mean in the Bible?

RESURRECTION. Resurrection means a ‘raising up’, or ‘rising up’ from the Greek word ANASTASIS. In the verb form it means ‘to cause to stand or rise up; to raise from sleep or from the dead’. The word ‘rapture’ is a term found in scripture and is a doctrine of hope, for believers to comfort one another!

What is the opposite of bought?

Antonyms for Bought Pawned, given away, sold.

What’s the opposite of rise and shine?

What is the opposite of rise and shine?sleepgo to beddrop offfall asleepfall outhave a lie-downhibernatehit the haysack outzonk out10 more rows

What is another word for soak up?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for soak up, like: steep, immerse, plunge, suck, engulf, engross, absorb, sop up, imbibe, suck up and draw.

What does raise the dead mean?

phrase [VERB inflects] When Christians say that Jesus Christ rose from the dead or raised someone from the dead, they mean that Jesus came back to life after he had died, or brought a dead person back to life.

What is the opposite of Sun Rise?

Antonyms: sunset, sundown, old. Synonyms: break of day, dayspring, break of the day, dawn, sunup, first light, morning, daybreak, aurora, dawning, cockcrow. sunrise(a)(adj)

What is another word for rise up?

rise; stand up; rise up; arise; ascent; rear; surface; come up; rebel.

What is another word for risen from the dead?

What is another word for risen from the dead?revivedrisenresurrectedrousedbounced backreawakenedresuscitatedsprung upwoken upwaked up59 more rows

What is the opposite of rising?

Antonyms: descending(a), falling, present(a), down(a), soft, past, old. Synonyms: insurrection, ascension, rise, rebellion, ascent, uprising, revolt.

What does do not rise mean?

Don’t rise to it. Synonyms and related words. – To be, or to become angry or annoyed. lose your temper (with)

What is the antonym of resurrection?

What is the opposite of resurrection?deteriorationdeclinedegeneracydescentdevaluationdevolutionslidevitiationfailure6 more rows