Quick Answer: Which Day Is 9th Feb 2020?

What holiday is tomorrow Feb 10 2020?


What happened on the 9th of February?

2001 : An American submarine (USS Greenville) accidentally struck a Japanese fishing boat and nine lives were lost. This event took place off the coast of Hawaii in Pearl Harbor. 2002 : Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, died at age 71 after suffering a massive stroke.

Is Feb 10th 2020 a holiday?

Holidays on February 10th 2020 A public holiday has been declared as part of the efforts to slow the progress of the coronavirus.

What is today kiss day?

February 13 (Saturday) – Kiss Day Seal your love with a kiss on February 13 which is known as the Kiss Day of Valentine week.

Who died February 9?

Died On February 9th The list includes people like Baba Amte, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Sushil Koirala, Herbert Simon, Allen Tate.

Which day is Teddy Day?

10th FebruaryTeddy Day is celebrated on 10th February every year after Chocolate Day as the fourth important day of Valentine’s week. Generally, couples and youth celebrate this day by gifting a lovely and attractive teddy bear to their beloved.

Which day is celebrated 10 Feb?

Teddy day is on 10th February and people gift teddies to their loved ones on this day. It’s all about promises on this day, so hence people makes promises to their loved ones on this day generally. Promise day is on 11th February soon after teddy day.

What are the special days in February 2020?

Current Affairs February 2020 – Important Days World Cancer Day. … World celebrated “World Wetlands Day” on 2nd of February. … International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation. … National Deworming Day was observed on February 10th … World Pulses Day observed globally on 10 February.More items…•Feb 4, 2020

Who was born on Feb 9th?

Celebrities – “FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS: 9 FEBRUARY” (260)Joe Pesci (*Feb 9, 1943)actorUSMia Farrow (*Feb 9, 1945)actressUSTom Hiddleston (*Feb 9, 1981)actorGBWilliam Henry Harrison (*Feb 9, 1773)9th President of the United StatesUSIvan Leonidov (*Feb 9, 1902)constructivist architect, painterRU228 more rows

What are the 7 days before Valentine Day called?

Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Propose Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day,Hug Day, Kiss Day,Valentines Day.

Is 9th February Chocolate Day?

The Chocolate Day is the 3rd day of Valentines Week 2021, and it is celebrated on February 9….Valentines Week List.February 7Rose DayFebruary 8Propose DayFebruary 9Chocolate DayFebruary 10Teddy DayFebruary 11Promise Day3 more rows•Feb 9, 2021

What day is National Kiss Your Crush Day?

June 22, 2021National Kissing Day – June 22, 2021.

What date is National I Love You Day?

Oct 14National I Love You Day / Oct 14.

What is celebrated Feb 11?

February HolidaysHolidayCategoryTagsFeb 11 FridayDon’t Cry Over Spilled Milk DayFunFun, ObscureInternational Day of Women and Girls in ScienceCauseWomenNational Guitar DayArts & EntertainmentMusic141 more rows

Which day is 8th Feb to 14th Feb?

Valentine’s day which is on 14th of February every year is preceded by a valentine’s week….Valentines Week Love Date Sheet of February.First Day of ValentineSecond Day of ValentineRose DayPropose DaySundayMonday7th February 20218th Feb 20216 more columns

Is 12 Feb a kiss day?

Hug Day: Friday, February 12th, 2021. Kiss Day: Saturday, February 13th, 2021. Valentine’s Day: Sunday, February 14th, 2021.

Which day is celebrated 24 Feb?

Central Excise DayCentral Excise Day is celebrated every year on February 24 across India. The day is being celebrated to honour the service of the Central Board of Excise and Custom (CBEC) to the country. The day is celebrated to honour the officers associated with CBEC and their services.