Quick Answer: What Does For The Night Mean?

What is an antonym of night?

night(noun) Antonyms: light, day, brightness, daylight.

Synonyms: sundown, obscurity, sunset, twilight, shadow, gloom, dark, nightfall, blackness, evening, dusk, darkness, sleep..

What is another name for night?

What is another word for night?eveningevedusknightfallsundownsunsetcrepusclecrepusculedarkevenfall38 more rows

Do idioms sentences?

The marriage is done for There is nothing more left to fight for. I am not going to be prize for him to win. I am done for looking for marriage proposals this way. The job was done for him by his colleagues.

What does I’m turning in mean?

(SLEEP) to go to your bed in order to sleep: I’m getting sleepy – I think I’ll turn in. (Definition of turn in from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Does turn in Mean submit?

To submit or hand in something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “turn” and “in.” I had to turn the paper in late because of my grandfather’s funeral. She turned in the lost wallet at the local police station.

Why do we not use night time at night?

It represents the dark hours and the late time of the day. But morning, afternoon and evening represent a period of time during the daytime where activities were going on. In fact, night is a period like morning. This is the main reason of the question because the preposition in is used for time periods.

Is it correct to say in the night?

When something happens between the evening and the morning, you can use both ‘at night’ and ‘in the night’. However, ‘in the night’ is much less common and is used to mean ‘during the night’.

Why do we use at night?

The use of the preposition “at” with “night” probably evolved from the fact that there is far less activity going at night than there is during the other periods of the day. Most people are asleep at night. Hence, night was viewed as a block of time rather than as a period of time during which things happen.

What is the meaning of done with?

: to bring to an end : have no further concern with : abandon, dismiss he was soon to have done with calendared time, and it had already ceased to count for him— Willa Cather let us have done with character assassination.

How do you describe a night?

Here are some adjectives for night: late last, tipsy last, awake last, huge and thoughtful, drunk last, much last, afraid last, restless last, sleepy last, civil, last, moonlit, irish, black tropical, intoxicated last, dark last, sober last, twelfth straight, worthless last, beautifully serene and clear, animal last, …

Is at night correct?

At or in? In the night usually refers to one particular night; at night refers to any night in general: I was awake in the night, thinking about all the things that have happened. ‘It’s not safe to travel at night,’ the officer said.

What is for the night meaning?

For the night is an idiomatic for a particular duration – night time. It doesn’t have to be night time when he locked it, but the presumption is that night would be approaching. It really just means he doesn’t expect to be going back until the morning. When a shop closes, the last one out locks it up for the night. –

What does it mean to turn in for the night?

i.e go to bed. : One of the meanings of “turn” is “move in a particular direction”. When you turn in for the night, you go, or “turn”, *in* to your bed. In the morning, you get, or “turn”, *out* of it. ( You can also “turn out” the guard in a military emergency – this is a similar usage.) (

What is the meaning of done for the day?

Definition (expr.) finished working for that day. Examples It is 5:30 on Friday. I could do more work if I stayed, but I am very tired! I think I am done for the day!

What does the phrase my long night mean?

to have a long night: to have a night without sleep; to be awake most of the night.

How do you say I am done for the day?

Different ways to say you are leaving work for the day [closed]I am leaving now.I will make a move now.I am leaving for the day.Jul 25, 2015

How did it turn out meaning?

to happen in a particular way or to have a particular result, especially an unexpected one: As events turned out, we were right to have decided to leave early. How did the recipe turn out?