Question: WHAT DOES Been Delayed Mean?

Can you clarify the reason for the delay?

Both are correct.

‘Can you clarify the reason for the delay.

‘ assumes that the delay is due to a single cause..

What is another word for delayed?

What is another word for delay?postponementdefermentdeferralprocrastinationstayadjournmentdeferringhiatusholdupmoratorium64 more rows

What does it mean when a shipment is delayed?

If the tracking status is “Delayed” it means that unforeseen events of a logistic nature have occurred and that the delivery date will probably be postponed. In the following days the carrier will update the shipment tracking.

Why was Gandhiji’s trial delayed?

Gandhi had reached Motihari, the Capital of Champaran, to study the problems of the sharecropper peasants. He was on his way to a neighbouring village, where a peasant was ill-treated. … Thousands of peasants demonstrated voluntarily outside the court. The prosecutor requested the judge to postpone the trial.

What is the use of delay?

Delay in C: delay function is used to suspend execution of a program for a particular time. Declaration: void delay(unsigned int); Here unsigned int is the number of milliseconds (remember 1 second = 1000 milliseconds). To use delay function in your program you should include the “dos.

What is the difference between delay and late?

Late is what you are if you get delayed. It is an adverb. Delay can be a noun or a verb. As a noun it is the amount of time beyond the expected time when something was supposed to happen.

What is another word for delay or postpone?

Some common synonyms of postpone are defer, stay, and suspend. While all these words mean “to delay an action or proceeding,” postpone implies an intentional deferring usually to a definite time.

How do you use delay in a sentence?

“The traffic accident caused a considerable delay.” “The delay was unnecessary.” “There will be a brief delay before the show starts.” “The unexpected delay made everyone upset.”

What does Do not delay mean?

1 tr to put off to a later time; defer. 2 tr to slow up, hinder, or cause to be late; detain. 3 intr to be irresolute or put off doing something; procrastinate. 4 intr to linger; dawdle. n.

Has been delayed meaning?

The meaning of the verb ‘delay’ is such that, if it is true to say ‘the train has been delayed’, then it is also true to say ‘the train is delayed’ (because present perfect addresses present significance: we are still waiting for it).

What does the delayed mean?

to put off to a later time; defer; postpone: The pilot delayed the flight until the weather cleared. to impede the process or progress of; retard; hinder: The dense fog delayed the plane’s landing.

Has been delayed or had been delayed?

Answer: The correct tense is either “has been” or “was.” In addition, unless this is just a notation, the definite article, “The,” should be inserted at the start of the sentence. … Present tense – Construction of the house is being delayed. Future tense – Construction of the house will be delayed.