Question: How Do You Answer Will You Be Mine?

When a guy says you are a blessing?

When people say, “You’re a blessing” they’re saying thank you for being a great help.

They’re expressing they’re appreciation of who you are as a person and gratitude for what you’ve done.

They’re letting you know how much of a gift you are or have been to them..

What does it mean when someone says you’re stuck with me?

Forced to tolerate, deal with, or manage someone or something. The executives want this in the final product no matter what, so it looks like we’re stuck with it. Once you have kids with someone, you’re pretty much stuck with that person for the rest of your life, even if you don’t stay in a relationship.

What to say after asking how are you?

I was fine until you asked. If I were doing any better, I’d hire you to enjoy it with me. I hear good things, but you should never listen to rumors….I’m better than I was, but not nearly as good as I’m going to be.I think I’m doing OK. … I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do.I am blessed!More items…

Is it mind or mine as well?

The hearer is probably mishearing or the speaker is misspeaking. The correct phrase is “might as well.” If you compare the two phonetically, they are: [maytæzwɛɫ]

What is a forever love?

Forever love is more than the passionate stage of love when you don’t see the each other’s faults, and you feel like everything is right with the world. Forever love is unconditional. You don’t withhold love when things are not going your way because you love that person so much you are unable to do that.

What is the meaning of Will you be mine?

It would mean someone asking another person to go out with them. If someone were to say to someone, ‘Would you be mine?’ They are saying that they like this person more than a friend and would like to date them. 😊

Will you be mine for forever?

Will you be mine forever. You are my joy, my life, my happiness, and my world. Will you be mine forever. My love for you is so deep; no one will ever take your place.

What is the meaning of she is mine?

pron. 1 something or someone belonging to or associated with me.

What does it mean when a guy says you belong to him?

Some men are more territorial and will want to feel that you belong with them. It might also be his way of joking with you about how much he loves you. … If you feel good when he says that and hes caring and takes you into consideration, its a good sign.

Can u be my valentine?

Another is valentine, though you’ll mainly hear this word on Valentine’s Day: February 14. Asking “Will you be my valentine?” is like asking “Will you go out with me?” and saying “I like you.” Sending a card is a common way to let someone know you want to be their valentine.

Can I be your forever quotes?

I Promise I Will Be Yours Forever Quotes Loving you is always my dream come true; I make my promise to you. I will be yours until the end of time. Nothing can break the love I have for you sweetheart, I promise I will always be yours. … Forever may seem to be a very long time, but I promise I will be yours forever.

What is the best way to answer how are you?

How to answer “How are you?”I’m good. — You can shorten this to “good” if you’re feeling relaxed. Or lazy. … Pretty good — This was actually the catchphrase of a popular American comedian. You can hear him say it in this clip. A lot. … I’m well. — Like with “I’m good,” you can shorten this to “well.”Oct 25, 2017

When a guy says you’re all mine?

Originally Answered: If your boyfriend says “You’re mine,” what does that mean? My husband and I say this to each other as a form of endearment, simply meaning “you’re my only one, and I’m yours, too.” We say it to express commitment, fidelity, and certaintity.

What to say instead of how are you?

What To Ask Instead Of ‘How Are You? ‘How are you today? … How are you holding up? … I’ve been thinking about you lately. … What’s been on your mind recently? … Is there any type of support you need right now? … Are you anxious about anything?Nov 5, 2020

Will always be with you quotes?

I want you to stand by my side as i save myself.” “I don’t know what life is going to bring, the only thing i know is that i will forever love you.” “I will laugh with you see you smile be your best friend hold your hand kiss you and be with you forever.” … “I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you.”

Why does my boyfriend call me his property?

When a guy says “you’re my property” he simply means that you are thing to him not a person. He’ll behave with you the way he wanna behave & will expect that you’ll be there for him whenever he needs you. … One thing can be that he doesnt own any property and wants to claim you as one.

What can I say instead of hey how are you?

Cool Ways to Say Hi to SomeoneHow are you doing?How have you been?What’s sizzling?How do you do?Howdy! (This is actually an informal greeting that is short for “How do you do?”)What’s going on?What’s new?Whazzup? (Just a word play on the regular “What’s up?” greeting.)More items…•Jun 13, 2019

What is the meaning of be mine forever?

That’d is a contraction of “That would”. So it is “that would be mine forever”. He is referring to his child with the girl he is singing about. See a translation.

What do you reply to you are mine?

We don’t even belong to each other.” ( Audrey Hepburn as Holly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.) But if this kind of talk is pleasing you and it’s said in a cute way you can just answer : “And I’m only yours.” (But just if you think you are, of course 🙂 What are the best answers for “Why should I buy this”?

What if a guy says you’re mine?

You have a potential boyfriend because when a guy says “you’re mine” to his girlfriend, he is saying you are his and only his, he doesn’t want to lose you. Everybody has someone in their life that they consider their person, but sometimes expressing that becomes hard.