How Old Are You In Italian Informal?

Is quanti anni hai formal?

It is important to point out that Quanti anni hai.

is the informal way of asking someone’s age in Italian.

It is the version that is used most frequently, normally between young people and children..

Where are you from in Italian informal?

Another way you can ask “Where are you from?” in Italian is by using the verb “venire” (to come). This is how you say it informally: “(Tu) da dove vieni? “, while in a formal situation, the same question becomes: “(Lei) da dove viene? “.

Is Come Stai formal or informal?

Both are used informally. Come va – can be translated as how are the things going, whereas come stai as how are you. So in fact they both mean the same thing and it’s up to you which one do you wish to use.

How do you respond to quanti anni hai?

‘ (How old are you?). This, and the corresponding reply ‘Ho dodici anni’ (I am twelve years old) is something that students of Italian learn within their first few lessons.