How Do You Use Wise?

What is a wise woman?

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The term “wise woman” usually refers to a folk healer or midwife, often in the context of pre-modern European peasantry..

What is the opposite word of wise?

What is the opposite of wise?foolishunwiseinattentiveincautiousindiscreetirrationalobtuserecklesssenselessthoughtless115 more rows

How do you describe a wise person?

The adjective wise describes someone who has experience and a deep understanding. Your wise older sister always gives the best advice. When you make a decision based on careful thought and good judgment, you’ve made a wise choice.

What does job wise mean?

It means related to, or from the point of view of.

How do you use wise in a sentence?

Use “wise” in a sentence | “wise” sentence examplesIt is a wise man that makes no mistakes.Fools look to tomorrow, and wise men use tonight.He is wise that is honest.Money is wise, it knows its way.He is the wise man who is the honest man.Many receive advice only the wise profit by it.A wise man is never less alone than when (he is) alone.More items…•Jul 30, 2019

What does a word to the wise mean?

—used to say that one is about to give someone advice or a warning A word to the wise: never sign a contract without reading it first.

What is an example of wise?

The definition of wise is someone who uses good judgment, has common sense or is well informed. An example of wise is Gandhi.

What is another word for wise?

Some common synonyms of wise are judicious, prudent, sage, sane, sapient, and sensible. While all these words mean “having or showing sound judgment,” wise suggests great understanding of people and of situations and unusual discernment and judgment in dealing with them.

What word goes with wise?

other words for wisecareful.educated.experienced.informed.knowledgeable.sensible.shrewd.wary.

How do you use the word wise?

-wise is a suffix that is attached to a noun with a hyphen to form an adjective or adverb that means with respect to or concerning, in the manner of or in the direction of. Some words with the suffix -wise have dropped the hyphen and been accepted into English usage.